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Elaine Updates Us on Her New Year’s Resolution

Enjoy this guest post from GHE customer Elaine Luther, whose own blog can be found at

Okay, so it’s June, a bit late to talk about New Year’s Resolutions, but that’s how long it’s taken my to make my change.  I really liked your blog post on the topic, and one of the comments got me thinking.

My goal is to move away from plastic and toward glass in terms of food storage.

Someone posted about wanting to switch from paper towels to cloth but said she didn’t quite know how to make that happen.  “Well, that’s easy, I thought, I’ve solved that one.  All she has to do is create a space for her cloth towels.”  We started using cloth kitchen towels for the same reason we used cloth diapers and washable wipes, to save money.  I keep my kitchen towels folded in half, in a nice basket, on top of my kitchen radiator.

We use white shop towels, sold by the dozen at Costco.

Once I had that thought of a solution for your commenter, I realized the same solution applied to me!  I thought I didn’t have room for glass containers, and both the thought of the expense and the problem of where to put them kept me from making a change.

One recent day, inspired by a competition with a friend to see who can get rid of the most stuff, I looked at my drawer of plastic food containers with a new eye.  It had reached that awful point where you have tons of lids and bottoms of containers that don’t go together.  I put the whole lot in a bag to donate, even before buying any new glass containers.

Here’s what surprised me — I figured we could use ball jars in the meantime, so I gathered up the ball jars from all over the kitchen — see, those didn’t have a ‘place,’ and were in the way.

By moving away from plastic, I also found I already have everything I need and decluttered my kitchen.  Now we’re using Ball jars, as well as the small selection of glass containers I already had.

On a roll, I also donated 3/4 of my dishes, to make way from something new.

My daughter commented, “Now that we have less, it’s easier to find what we have.”  Quite so.

How about you?  Have you followed up on any Green New Year’s Resolutions?

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