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Is Your TV an Energy Suck?

LCD and plasma tv’s have become commonplace on the market, but there’s a dirty little secret about them.

According to the Electric Power Research Institute, LCD TVs consume 75% more, and plasma TVs three times more energy than cathode-ray tube sets.

But what does that mean?  LCD owners should expect to pay an extra $15-$20/year on their electric bills and plasma owners about $40/year.

Some municipalities are considering banning sales of these energy hogs (Brussells) or only allowing the sale of EnergyStar tvs.

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Maybe This Will Help

We who are stuck in the doldrums of winter may find it hard to believe that solar energy is right for us.  However, Mother Earth News provides some fantastic information regarding solar hot water.

Remember the tax incentives mentioned earlier for energy efficiency upgrades?  Those are a great motivator for choosing alternative energy.  To bring it home a little more, though, take a look at this comparison:

Courtesy of Mother Earth News

Courtesy of Mother Earth News

And if you’re wondering if your geographic location is suitable for solar hot water, take a look at this chart.   Please note that typical solar installations include a back-up system to supplement solar when necessary.

Courtesy of Mother Earth News

Courtesy of Mother Earth News

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E-Waste Gives Back

United Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Chicago recycles donated computers and distributes them free of charge to children with disabilities in Illinois.  In November they delivered refurbished technology to schools in all 102 Illinois counties.

Items can be dropped off at 332 W. Harrison St., Oak Park.

Call Greg Grill at 708-444-8460, Ext. 231 or go to

Courtesy of the Wednesdy Journal, Oak Park.

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Happy Birthday To Us…

We’re one.  Yep, we’re 12 months old.  52 weeks.  365 days.  It’s unbelievable.  It feels good.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m seldom speechless.  Well, this time I am.  I can’t belive we’re one year old.

Seriously, that’s all I can say.  Read more about our anniversary bash on our newsletter.

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