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Green Groups

This week a group of neighbors visited GHE as a field trip.  This group meets regularly to discuss green topics and to create goals for living greener.  While tthis group in particular is not part of Oak Park’s Green Blocks Initiative, that is another fantastic effort going on in our area.

If you’re looking to organize or join a green group in your area, check out The Green Team Project and the Low Carbon Lifestyle Program (fyi, if you’re looking for copies of The Low Carbon Diet, stop in our shop!)

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Green Your Halloween

Halloween, one of my favorite holidays, is quickly approaching!  Here are a few ideas to green your Halloween:

1) Give out organic candy (Actually, come to GHE first, buy the candy, then give it away)

2) Use Halloween-themed ChicoBags for trick-or-treating (see note above)

3) Turn your trick-or-treating fair trade.  Go to to learn more.

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Put a Cork in It

Recycling your wine bottles is easy, but what about your wine corks?  Now you can mail your corks to Yemm & Hart, a Missouri-based company that manufactures eco-friendly products.  It will turn corks into coasters, clipboards, and flooring.  The company needs 133,333 corks or 1,000 pounds of them to start manufacturing.  Find out more at

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