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Lessons from August

The end of August usually signals that my garden is on the verge of explosion. Weeds, veggies, annuals, grasses–everything–look as though they’re about to conquer my whole yard. This, of course, is my fault because I spend all year amending the soil organically to achieve the most nutrients possible.

Come August we return from vacation with a packed schedule, my husband disappears to coach and teach , and Mother Nature’s forces result in a garden that’s teetering on the brink of disaster….and I’m OK with that. I think this signals that I’ve had my fair share of summer. See in April and May I’m clawing at the door (like my dogs) to get outside and finally get some fresh air. In June I’m preciously tending to everything and enjoying watching my garden spring to life. In July I do most of my work in the early morning to avoid the skeeters and stifling heat. I enjoy that quiet, pensive, restorative time.

Then August strikes and suddenly I can’t make enough time for my garden. It still looks fabulous, don’t get me wrong. It’s just not as well-manicured as it is in the earlier months. This year, I have a new appreciation for August. I am grateful for the bounty of my veggie garden and anticipating the fall harvest. I have great memories of the season and am enjoying the results of my hard work in spring. August isn’t about giving up on the weeds. It’s about succumbing to Mother Nature’s overwhelming, awesome powers and remembering that I don’t own my little patch, I just tend it.

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Bungalow Kitchen Goes from Blue to New

Disclaimer: I love these clients. Lindsey and Adam are wonderful people who throw a great holiday party, have hilarious friends, an adorable dog and an amazing bungalow in the western suburbs. They are customers and friends and I’m honored to have worked on their kitchen remodel.

A few years back Lindsey and Adam moved into their charming bungalow. Up until this summer, everything was pristinely finished (What do you expect, they’re both architects!) except for the kitchen. You might call it charming. Adam and Lindsey had different, unpublishable words for it. Here’s a look:






































Over the summer months they tackled this job using Zodiaq countertops and Marmoleum floors from GHE. The colors complement each other and the Ikea cabinetry excellently. Props to the homeowners for assembling the cabinets and installing the floor themselves! Here are the fruits of their labor:






































So as you can see for yourself, even if I didn’t love these clients as much as I do, I’d still have to love their adorable kitchen! Congrats to Lindsey and Adam on a very successful remodel. Hopefully you’re enjoying it as much as I am just from the pictures! Hopefully that whole going-into-labor-early episode I had around your holiday party last year doesn’t axe my chances of seeing the kitchen in person!!

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