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Proper Disposal of Prescription Medicine

Thanks to the handy label-maker that Santa brought me, I recently uber-organized our bathroom.  I was left with a handful of unused prescription medications that I need to dispose of properly.

I unearthed this link, which is the federal government’s ecommendations for disposal:

Fyi, I did call a CVS in Oak Park and a Walgreen’s in Forest Park, and they both told me the same thing: we don’t have an official program (read: we don’t want to be bombarded with your garbage), but we will dispose of your meds properly if you bring them in.  When I asked how they disposed of the product, I was told by each store that they follow the same biohazard procedures that the pharmacy uses.

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Tax Incentives for Residential Energy Efficiency

“It’s time for change!” That is our new motto for this coming New Year, as it is borrowed from presidentelect Barack Obama.

Do you want to change your home into a more energy efficient home?  Perhaps some incentives will give you a boost in starting your project?  Here is some helpful information about the great tax incentives for residential energy efficiency improvements:

Keep warm, save money, conserve energy, and get some money back from Uncle Sam.  If you are ready for change, take advantage of these incentives while they last, and improve your energy efficiency at home!

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Paige’s Post on Pesky Peanuts

For the past few months, we have had the pleasure of having Paige Lam working in the store as our intern.  Paige has some great thoughts on green living, which we’ll be sharing with you over the next few days.  So without further ado, we bring you:

Paige’s Post on Pesky Peanuts

Tired of those packing peanuts that always come along with packages from UPS or FedEx?

Don’t know what to do with the packing peanuts once you open your package?

Read this article to learn some good tips on how you could be more sustainable when it comes to these pesky peanuts:

Do you want to go green with NUTS,that is Papernuts?  Then here’s an article you would want to read:

So next time you are thinking of sending someone a package through the mail, think twice before using the pesky packing peanuts.

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