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Another Reason to Love Our Customers

We have lots of reasons to love our customers. Mainly, GHE wouldn’t exist without you! But we also have some pretty smart cookies who frequent our shop.

Take Gina G., for instance. I met Gina when she was working to start the Forest Park Community Garden. I like Gina for more reasons than she’s a customer and neighbor. She’s pretty, smart, funny, and an awesome gardener and blogger. In fact, Gina writes My Skinny Garden, a blog that inspires me to do more with my little plot of earth.

A few weeks ago, my worlds collided, thanks to Gina. I was researching which organic seeds to bring into the shop, knowing that I wanted to stay away from GMO seeds and Monsanto. So I Googled one brand name and Monsanto, and immediately red flags popped up everywhere.

Then I Googled Botanical Interests + Monsanto, and guess what came up? This! Seriously! One of my very own customers–smart, funny, cute Gina–had already done all the hard work for me. Sweet.

Last year Gina gave the folks at Botanical Interests a ring and did all the research for me. After seeing Gina’s blog, that’s all I needed to bring Botanical Interests seeds into GHE. Now we have about a hundred different organic heirloom seed varieties.

We hope you’ll come in soon to stock up on seeds, organic potting soil and other propagation goodies. And when you do, please say a little “thank you” to Gina G.!

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