CornerStone House

Last month I had the pleasure of touring the CornerStone House in LaGrange, IL. There are a lot of reasons I was excited to see the home–my colleagues Jason LaFleur and Brandon Weiss were part of the project; and my husband grew up just a few blocks from there!

Owner/architect Regina McClinton truly put her heart and soul into this project. What I loved most about it is that, even after the home was stripped down to its studs and completely remodeled, the building still fits well into the neighborhood. It’s not glitzy or new age.  In fact, it’s rather old school.

Rain gardens and native plants surround the home on the exterior. A highly efficient furnace, insulation and windows keep the house comfortable. All of the windows provide amazing daylighting. Low VOC paint and construction materials ensure the safety of its inhabitants. The woodwork and reclaimed materials are a beautiful nod to the original home and a smart reduction of construction waste.

The kitchen’s long countertops make the area inviting for guests.  And I swear the walk-in closet in the master suite is bigger than most apartments I’ve lived in! Congratulations, Brandon and Regina, on such a successful project! Click here for more photos and information about the process.

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