Looking Back and Moving Forward: Part III

One of the most relatable things about Mercy Housing’s work on the Harold Washington Apartments is their ability to accomplish this during The Great Recession. I opened the doors to Green Home Experts in February 2008, when everything was falling apart in the economy. Since then I’ve had up years and down years. Then last year we pursued and accomplished our expansion. While I was planning for the expansion, businesses all around me continued to shutter their doors.

Likewise, despite unbelievable economic distress that has taken a huge toll on local and national charities, Mercy Housing Lakefront secured funding for and successfully completed an amazing renovation. Kudos to them!

The courtyard that was once impassable during the winter (due to the fear of ice falling off the building) has become a quiet dwelling with a beautifully planted garden. An elevator was installed to meet building code and the needs of its residents. The community room now gets wonderful daylight and is very inviting. The historic facade was meticulously repaired. And–my favorite part–the Harold Washington Apartments is the first building in Chicago to have a geothermal heating and cooling system installed under an existing building. Amazing.

Now that my writing about this recent visit is complete, I’m left pondering a lot of questions. Coming back to Mercy Housing reminded me of the impact that healthy and safe housing has on all of us. It means stability, peace of mind, and the dignity and assuredness to take on the world. My visit also reminds me that I am incredibly lucky to be where I am in life–my family and I are healthy, safe and incredibly blessed. I own a company that provides safer, healthier housing for my customers. And my roots are in an organization that cares about the people it serves.

Check out these pictures of the revitalization of the Harold Washington Apartments. You can also click on this link to learn more about Mercy Housing Lakefront and the fantastic work they’re doing in our state.


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    Great article Maria! Love reading your blog!

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    Nice posts, Maria. Thanks for sharing.

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