Looking Back and Moving Forward: Part II

I loved working for Lakefront Supportive Housing. My job was at once tedious and exciting. Originally hired to develop an Intranet project that never got off the ground, my role morphed into a marketing and communications role. Aside from working on the capital campaigns for two LEED buildings in the early 2000’s, my job was really rewarding. I got to hear the personal stories of tenants and share those stories with donors and potential donors.

Working at LSH, I helped manage an annual home and garden tour in Michiana. And I threw a pretty good party–uh, gala–every fall! But the job had its pitfalls too. Someone was stabbed to death on the Argyle Red Line stop two days before I started my job there. The sketchy night life meant getting my boyfriend (now husband) to pick me up from the office when I worked late nights. But what bothered me most was my desk. Yep, my desk. One day after a relaxing summer weekend, I came in to find my desk was under water. The dropped ceiling above my desk had started to leak. Marty, the building engineer, claimed it was rainwater but it hadn’t rained that weekend!

After that fateful weekend, I had to cover my work area (reports, photographs, newsletters and more) with a plastic tarp and put a 55-gallon garbage can under the gaping hole above my desk. The building staff always did the best they could with what they had, but they didn’t have much.

Fast forward ten years later to the lunch I had with my former co-worker. Let me say, we’ve come a long way baby! Check out this fantastic video that tells the story of Mercy Housing Lakefront, nee Lakefront Supportive Housing, nee Lakefront SRO. It documents the history of the building and highlights the fantastic renovation that was just completed.

Amazing! To view the YouTube video, click on the picture below.


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