Celebrating the Dads in my Life

Pardon my indulgence as I write about my three favorite men: my dad, my husband and my son.

My dad and I have always been close to each other, even when we fought through my teenage years. In fact, a lot of our horn-locking came from the fact that we’re exactly alike! I fell in love with my husband for a lot of reasons, and a big one was that I knew he’d be as good a father and husband as my own.

With Fathers Day approaching, I’m celebrating the two most important dads in my life. I celebrate my dad’s dedication to his family throughout the years. Now more than ever I appreciate the sacrifices he made for us to provide everything he did. And even though it made me crazy growing up, I’m grateful for his hard work to always keep our family close. I celebrate my dad’s outlooks on life. My favorite saying from Dad is “Hard things are hard to do.” That just about sums it up!

I go to my dad for advice and brainstorming about the shop. Just this weekend I vetted a situation with him before working it out. These days, most of our conversations are spent with me telling him about my son’s latest adventures and mishaps. Dad enjoys what he calls revenge, and I love making him laugh.

And my husband loves to make my son laugh. In fact, I think he lives for it. He spends every minute (that he’s not at work) with my son. They read stories together, they wrestle, they laugh. And it makes my heart sing. I celebrate my husband for being our family’s protector, provider, and maker of fun. I celebrate my husband for exemplifying the meaning of manhood to our young son, and I celebrate him for sharing me with my dad! It ain’t easy being married to Anthony’s daughter, ya know.

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    Sue Reardon said,

    Simply beautiful, Maria.

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