Time to Tackle the Garage

Mid-May has blessed us with this beautiful summer weather. The birds are singing, butterflies flutter through newly sprung gardens, and our thoughts are drifting toward home projects. Spring cleaning is done (right?). Garden plans are made. The grass is mowed. What about your garage?

The garage is the standard holder-of-overflow. Can’t find a place for it? Stick it in the garage. Want to move something out of sight because company is coming? Stick it in the garage–I’ll get to it later! Well, it’s way past later. It’s time to tackle the garage, and here are some tips to help you*:

–Gather up your latex paints and primers and bring them into the shop. We send them to Earth Paints Collection System to be recycled.

–Donate unwanted bikes, toys, tools and more to your local organization of choice.

–Give everything a good washing with non-toxic cleaning supplies. Earth Friendly Products and Mrs. Meyers Clean Day are our two most popular lines!

–Clean oil-stained concrete with Emerge, a soy-based biodegradable cleaner that’s made in Illinois. It’s powerful stuff!

–Give concrete a new coat of non-toxic, no-VOC paint with AFM Safecoat Deckote.

–Get organized! Label bins so you can find things easily. Create a space for everything: garden tools, storage, hobby area, etc. Ok, ready for some real organizing tips? Check out this info from our friends at Within Your Reach. Want to see an example of their work? You probably already have–their beautiful storage system holds all of our personal care products in our Kid & Baby section. Read here for more about their sustainability initiatives.


*Disclaimer: Anyone who knows me knows I’m not famous for being organized. So I’d never write a post about being organized! These tips are designed to help you declutter and clean.

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