On Being a General Store

This morning a new customer walked through the door, collected some cleaning supplies, deodorant, a gift for her co-worker, a few plants, and some paint swatches. As she was taking everything out of her basket to be rung up, she asked, “What don’t you carry here?”

It’s true, I try to offer a green alternative to everything inside and around the home. Of course we can’t carry every single thing, but we sure do try. Over the past four years, we’ve come to be known as the local general store. Need dish soap? Check. Run out of toothpaste? Check. A birthday card? Check. Green has become mainstream for our customers. They shop here because they want to live as sustainably as they can; therefore, they shop as sustainably as they can.

What this tells me is that green is becoming mainstream. When we opened, we were a unique store (with difficult parking and limited hours) that carried green products. Throughout the years we’ve expanded to a larger location with better parking, expanded product selections, and we’re now open 7 days a week! And it’s thanks to the support of our very loyal customers that we’ve found a comfortable status in Oak Park as the neighborhood general store.


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