Meet Sharon, Your Garden Godmother

A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon, a customer who quickly became my friend and garden godmother. Sharon is a caring, nurturing woman who always has the right words, is infinitely wise in gardening, is handier than most handymen I know, and lights up the shop whenever she walks in. Sharon is a member of the Squash Blossoms and now manages their blog. So now you’ve gotta love the gal!

Lucky for us–lucky for you, perhaps–Sharon will be stationed at GHE next weekend, Beginners Weekend, to help blossoming gardeners.  Sharon will be available all day on Saturday, May 5th to help you plan your garden for a very successful season.  Many of us are getting into gardening for the first time. Gardening seems to have skipped a generation in many families, and Sharon is here to fill that void. Some people have Mom, Dad, Gramma or Grampa to call on for gardening advice. Others have Sharon!

If you’d like to get your garden off to the best possible start, email us at to schedule an appointment with Sharon on May 5th. You’ll receive a confirmation email in response. Consultations are free and will last 20 minutes. Bring any ideas, drawings, pictures or questions you have!

Pictured: Sharon (left) with a fellow Squash Blossom


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