Garden To Do List: April

Trees, shrubs, perennials and cool season annuals (hello pansies!) can be planted.

Cool season crops can be planted: leafy greens such as kale, spinach and Swiss chard; root vegetables such as radishes, carrots, beets and potatoes; and climbers like peas are all cool season crops. Hold off on peppers, tomatoes and delicate herbs like basil until temps are averaging 70 degrees or more and evening temps are above 50.

Trim back ornamental grasses to 6″ or less, cut back browned perennial foliage; this early spring you should see many perennials already coming up so it makes the job easier to make way for the new growth.

Prune off “dead” wood from roses. Knockout (shrub) roses can be left alone to achieve greater size this year or trimmed back; your choice. You still can remove any dead growth for a tidy appearance.

Now is a good time to divide later blooming perennials; Aster, Iris, Sedum and Hosta are all great candidates for division. Simply remove the plant from the ground, slice it in half through the roots and reinstall as two separate plants. What a great money saver and garden expander…you may even want to share with friends!

For more tips on eco-friendly gardening and organic lawn care, visit Dig Right In Landscaping’s website and Facebook.

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