It’s Good to be Queen (Bee)

A fellow business owner recently encouraged me to celebrate the little things in our daily routine, and her timing was perfect. Last Friday, I was invited to be the Mystery Reader for the wonderful kids at St. Edmund’s in Oak Park. They were celebrating Read Across America Day, which was the same day as the opening of the movie The Lorax, a new take on Dr. Suess’ classic book.

I was invited to read The Lorax, and my son came along. He was enchanted by all the big kids, and I think he was more popular than I was. In case you haven’t read the book (which I highly recommend), it has an environmental theme. It’s about an industry that decimated its natural surroundings as it grew bigger (and biggerer).  The book encourages children to stand up for the planet and be conscientous of Mother Earth.

I was honored to be the Mystery Reader for these wonderful children. When I landed on the part of the book where the thneed business has to get bigger and biggerer, and the area got dirty and dirtier, I swelled with pride. My business is getting bigger and biggerer, which means our tiny corner of the planet is actually getting cleaner and cleanerer!

As I turned to go on to the next page, I locked eyes with my son–he was frozen, watching me teach these students about doing what’s right for the Earth. It was a very proud moment for me, and the words on the page got a little blurry as my eyes teared up.

When the book was finished, the students presented me with a gift that hangs proudly in my office, near my son’s toys and playpen. This day was definitely a little thing I’m still celebrating. Thank you St. Edmund’s!




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