Now I Get It

Do you remember being a child, and one of your parents would say, “When you have children, you’ll understand”? Since my son was born last December, I think I finally understand. I think I’m good at regularly doing gut-checks and being mindful of what I’m thankful for. This week thanksgiving and gratitude are even more so on my mind, and this is my first Thanksgiving as a mom. Now, I get it.

When I was in high school, I suffered a concussion playing basketball. My dad never left my side for the three or four (I can’t remember!) days I spent in the hospital. He even made the hospital get us a double room so he could sleep in the room with me. Now I get it.

My mom was at every single teeball, softball, volleyball, and basketball game I played. She cheered for me from the cold, hard, steel bleachers and she beamed with pride each time. Now I get it. My parents always made the holidays special. We have traditions for everything: pumpkin hunting in October, a cornucopia for Thanksgiving, seven courses of fish on Christmas Eve, and so on. Now I get it.

My grandparents lit up whenever I’d visit them. My great aunt would stay on the telephone while I read her a Bearenstein Bears book cover to cover. My pictures were all over their homes. Now I get it.

Thanksgiving means more to me this year than ever before. Oscar has opened my eyes and opened my heart. Now I get it!

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    Amazing what those little guys teach you just by being there. Lovely message. Enjoy your first Thanksgiving. I know Oscar would agree, you’re a fabulous mom!

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