Thinking Through Design II

Conclusion to last week’s contribution from Julie Laney:

Another subject that fits into the category of budgeting is whether or not a simpler and scaled down version of your dream room will still make a positive impact, if you’re not in a position to do a complete overhaul. For example, in your kitchen, if storage and counter space are lacking, do you have the space to simply add an island? Maybe this piece could really make a difference in how your kitchen functions, provided that the rest of the space is still suitable and to your liking.  Another example is a pantry cabinet.  You might have a wide but shallow space for a tall pantry type of cabinet (utilizing lots of vertical space), which might make things so much more accessible in terms of where you store your dry goods, small appliances, and anything else that requires a convenient location.  Updating your lighting along with these smaller changes can also make a big difference, and add some pizzazz to an otherwise “O.K.” room. There are lots of other ways to incorporate new components:  extra shelving, a counter/work space that can double as an eating counter, a moveable cart, or a small prep sink to accommodate extra helpers in the kitchen.  As for bathrooms, maybe your tiny room can’t be fitted for new cabinetry, but there could be room just outside of it for a nice tall built-in piece. Improved lighting and venting is a good start too.

With all that is available to us, it doesn’t make sense to have less than functional or beautiful living areas. So when your wheels start turning about those upcoming projects, start with having a well thought-out plan, a good reason to put it into action, and choose materials and products that truly deliver in quality, sustainability, function and style. Also – this goes without saying:  re-use and re-purpose things you might otherwise dispose of in the demolition process; they might come in handy for another purpose, for you or your neighbors.  Now – where shall we begin….


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