I Was Eco-Busted

Last week I failed at almost every attempt to get groceries for my family. On Tuesday I completely forgot to get my meat and eggs from my meat CSA. Fail.

On Wednesday I eagerly anticipated the organic fruit delivery that was to accompany my veggie box. That box was going to feed my son for the next two weeks, but when I arrived, someone had mistakenly taken my fruit. Fail.

On Saturday morning I packed up my husband and son, as well as the stroller, diaper bag, coffee, checks for the bank, rent check and paperwork for the shop, and my to-do list to guide us through the morning.

We left the market with nothing but bread for me to bring to my vegetarian supper club later that night. The only fruits at the market were berries, which my son is still too little to eat. Fail.

So we head to Whole Foods. I prefer to shop more locally than Whole Foods whenever I can, but I was out of options! I failed at the meat CSA. The fruit CSA failed me. No luck at the Farmers Market, so on to WF.

Upon entering the market, we realized we didn’t have any shopping bags with us. As I’m putting California-grown nectarines into a plastic bag, I see a customer from my shop. “Oh hi Cathi, yes I’m buying fruit from a million miles away and putting them in a plastic bag that I’ll use for total of about 2 hours.”

We talked about the weekend as I loaded up on faraway fruits, many of them making it into one-use bags. I felt like such an eco-phony! Then into the checkout line I enter, behind—of course—another customer. “Oh hey Scott, having a nice weekend? I’m enjoying destroying the earth with this one shopping expedition.” Fail.

Well, the moral of the story is that, just like with anything else, we can’t be everything to everyone everytime. I was embarrassed about forgetting my bags, but I had to give myself a break. I do the best I can, and last week was a rough one. Hopefully by recognizing my failures I don’t look like an eco-phony but just a normal human being. Let’s hope this week is a better one!

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    B Alexander said,

    Kind of like me diving my SUV to the community garden to check on my organic garden, or use my car to charge my cell phone….sigh…….some days you just do your best, it is an ongoing effort. And I would put a plug in for Brian at the Forest Park Farmer’s Market on Fridays in the Grove from 3:30-7:30pm. Great (southern) Illinois peaches this past week!!!!! We have been heading there on Fri evenings for a quick dinner for the baby and free bounce house for the 7yr old!

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