Life is What I Make of It

This morning I was cooking food to bring to a friend who just had surgery, when an enormous thunderclap shook our house. I jumped out of my skin, then looked over to my son to see his reaction. He was doing the same thing–staring at me to see if this huge noise was a good thing or bad thing. So I threw my arms up in the air and yelled, “Hooray!” He laughed and the dogs came running in to see what fun they were missing. That’s when I had my own lightning bolt moment: life is what I make of it.

My son looks to me as his barometer, gauging my reactions. My employees at the shop, as well as colleauges in my industry, do the same. Yes business is tough these days. The housing market is a shadow of its former self. I didn’t give myself a raise this year. On the other hand, we’re still in business after three years (when the majority of businesses fail), we’ve learned to survive on thinner margins and I’m paying myself when many business owners aren’t! I make sure to share all the good news with my colleagues because I know they’re being bombarded by low numbers and phones that aren’t ringing. And I tell my employees when business picks up because they certainly know when it drops.

Yesterday one of my customers was leaving the store as scaffolding was going up in front of the building. I told her it would cover my awning for a month, and we’d have to get a banner so folks knew we were still open. She made the best of it by saying, “Maybe customers will slow down to see the construction and then they’ll see your store!”

Is this a different way of saying,–cue Monty Python– “always look on the bright side?” Maybe. It could be a bit survivalist, possibly naive at times. Any way, it’s working for me. Here are some other gems:

  • Hard things are hard to do. (Thanks for your sage advice, Dad.)
  • Burned food makes you pretty. (From my culinarily-challenged aunt.)
  • It could be worse. (My mom should have this tattoed on her head.)

    What are your words to live by?


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  1. 1

    Jennifer Moscone said,

    Do you know that until today I have been unaware of your blog? Now I get to look forward to going back and reading all the posts that i missed! Hooray! And my words to live by? Look where you slipped, not where you fell. There are others, but they’re not as cool as yours. Mwah!

  2. 2

    Candi said,

    Mine “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago the second best time in now” I really like yours though especially since you are passing it along to your son! Lucky guy Love the blog. Candi Huber

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