I hate painting!

I hate painting. I hate it with a passion. I hate the preparation, precision, and clean up. I like to jump back and forth between jobs, so that usually leaves me with dried paint and ruined brushes. I have done enough painting in my life to know how much I hate it.
I also love paint. At least, I love the paint at my shop. I like seeing my customers’ projects and hearing about their great results. I also love giving people no-VOC & non-toxic paint. My color dispenser and paint shaker are older than I am, yet I feel a soulful connection to them. Mixing paint is a rite of passage for my employees.
This love/hate relationship has helped me develop excuses you can use for avoiding painting. Here are 3 that do NOT work for me, because I use eco-friendly paint:

1) I’m pregnant. Well, that won’t fly because there’s nothing harmful in the paint.

2) It’s wintertime. You can paint with the windows closed when using non-toxic materials.

3) I’ve got animals/kids in the house all the time. See #1.

Since those three excuses don’t apply, I’ve had to become more creative. Here are a few that I plan to use on the husband this summer:

1) I won’t finish in one day. I like to flit around from here to there too much. It makes him absolutely nuts. My unfinished projects can be a bit of an inconvenience in our small home. So, hubby, if you want it done, you do it!
2) My work, my color. If you want me to paint, then I get to pick the color. I hear neon pink is back in vogue!

3) I’ll insulate. The room that we have to paint first needs much more work: tear out old paneling (and bring to The ReBuilding Exchange for recycling), insulate with spray foam, and hang drywall. So I’ll do the demo–who doesn’t love demo! And I’ll do the spray foam. It’s a fun, easy job that gives me a tremendous sense of accomplishment. I learned how to spray foam in flip flops and a sundress a few years ago. And I can flit around from wall to wall to satisfy my inner demons.

That’s how much I hate painting–I’ll demo, foam, and hang drywall before I have to paint! Let me know if you use any of my excuses. I might have to change my tune if hubby catches wind of this!


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