Be Mine, Valentine

I love Valentines Day.  I love it.  I love candy, flowers, romance and unabashed displays of affection.  I love chocolate, champagne, and hugs and kisses.  Get my drift?

Since this is the holiday for love, I think it’s the perfect time to show your love for Mother Earth.  Here are a few things we can all do to make Valentines Day greener:

1) Give the animals a break. Make a local, vegetarian meal for your honey.  You’ll reduce your carbon footprint and support family farms.

2) Use what you’ve got. Do you need to buy new valentines? Or can you use what you already have to make cards? Try to reduce what you consume as much as possible.  Reuse and recycle items.  And if you need to buy Valentines, check out our recycled paper valentines!

This Earth-friendly Valentine Card Making Kit comes with everything you need to make 25 sustainable valentine cards, along with a recycled paper “In-Box” to decorate.


3) Send organic flowers. Freshly cut flowers are one of my favorite indulgences.  But this time of year, they come from far away lands and usually are grown with conventional pesticides and fertilizers.  Ask your local florist for a more sustainable option, or check out

So, here are three quick tips for a greener V-Day.  Do you have other ideas?  Please share with us!




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