My Meeting with Debbie Meyer

I spent a good chunk of this week at the International Home + Housewares Show at McCormick Place in Chicago.  There I got to meet some celebrities, like Lou Manfredini, Gordon Ramsey, and Emeril Lagasse.  But the person who stands out most in my mind is Debbie Meyer, of the famous Debbie Meyer’s Green Bags (and coming soon, reusable containers!).  I walked into her booth, and Debbie was in the middle of her lunch.  I was just casually looking at her products and waiting to speak with the sales rep, but Debbie quickly interrupted her lunch to introduce herself to me.  We spent about 5 minutes discussing her products and how they fit my customers at GHE.  Debbie acted like I was the only buyer in the whole building, spending as much time with me as I needed.  This is a stark contrast to how I was treated at another booth–the booth of a line I already sell!  Well, used to sell.  My interaction with Debbie is proof that attentiveness, courtesy and kindness still go a long way in this world.  Debbie treated me the way I like to treat my customers.  And because of that, I’m even more proud to carry her products!  When the reusable containers become available, we’ll be phasing out the bags and replacing them with the containers.  Looking forward to having them soon!Debbie Meyer

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