Happy Birthday GHE!

Well, I’m sure you’ve heard that our 2nd birthday bash is tomorrow.  With the big day ahead of me, I’m filled with emotions.  Three years ago, this “green shop idea” was exactly that–just an idea.  Everyone thought it was a crazy idea, and some people even thought it was a good idea!

For a whole year before opening, I researched products like crazy, re-wrote my business plan 100 times, doubted myself every day, and eventually just offered everything up to chance.

When we opened, we were a new business with fresh paint, fresh faces, and a blurry idea about the path ahead of us.  We’re as passionate about green living as we were the day we opened.  But I never could have expected such amazing transformations in such a short amount of time.  Two years later, I’m still not sure where we’re headed, my face looks tired more often than fresh, and we’re wiggling through this terrible economy.  But more importantly, we’ve become a patchwork community of product suppliers, cooperative businesses, and customers.

This is a blend of passionate people who have become the GHE family.  We care about our community–locally and globally.  We sacrifice trendiness for foresight.  We vote for the greater good with our dollars.  And our voices are being heard.  Across the world, waves of change are being made to benefit our planet and the people who inhabit it now and will inherit it for generations to come.

I’d never take credit for the sweeping changes occurring throughout the world, but I delight in seeing folks make small changes in their lives every day.  Every night, I rest my head on my pillow with the satisfaction that the Green Home Experts family is greening their world by the choices they make here in the shop, in their homes, and in their own communities.

Thank you, everyone, for getting us to two years.  I know this is still just the beginning for us.  With dedication and loyalty from our fabulous supporters, the sky is the limit for us.

If you have any free time tomorrow, please stop by between 12pm and 4pm to celebrate.  It’s a day to honor not just our anniversary, but also everyone who’s part of the GHE family.

We’ll have a kids’ storyteller and activities, product demonstrations, super sales, and free interior design consultations.  Oh yeah, and cookies and lemonade!  Bring your family, your dogs, anyone with cabin fever.  I’m excited to share this day with you.



3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Mariannell said,

    Your face still looks fresh, doll!
    heart ewe

  2. 2

    Elaine said,

    Nicely said! Hope the celebration is wonderful!

  3. 3

    laurars said,

    Beautifully written – it is so great to shop where my heart is, and yours as well! All the best for 2 more…and beyond!

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