A Note About the Roman Blind Recall

This is a note from the Founder & President of Earthshade Natural Window Fashions regarding the recent “recall” on roman blinds across the nation:

Season’s Greetings to All

By now many of you have seen or heard the hype stemming from the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s announcement of a “recall” of roman and or roll-up blinds. Some reports have highlighted an unsubstantiated number of 50 million units in conjunction with the risk of strangulation of young children!

From our very beginning, Earthshade has supported and continues to support a wholistic approach to safety. In addition to supporting the concept that “it takes a village to raise a child” we have designed and continually updated our designs to meet or exceed various industry standards with safety, as well as purity from all perspectives.

It is important to understand what is being recalled. In actuality this whole issue surrounds mainly pre-packed shades that are typically imported and sold by large box and larger discount boutique stores. Clearly another example where” one-size does not fit all”. The operating styles specific to this recall to repair include older versions of roman shades where the operating cords are grouped together forming a loop, Roll-Up shades that have a series of loops that define the lifting systems  (discontinued our very first year for this very reason), and clutch systems with free hanging operating cords or chains. It might also be noted that some reports are extending the information to include a vague array of cords located on the back of shades.

Although. this is headlined as a “recall” It is further pertinent to be aware that in actuality it is a call for concerned owners to voluntarily “repair” these older shades with a kit being offered by the commission.

As stated earlier, Earthshade remains committed to safety. As you know, we have defined safety in the shading industry from Day One to not only include operational safety but also the safety and well being of our customers and everyone involved in our production process. This of course includes care for water supplies, indoor air quality, outdoor emissions, elimination of chemicals, as well as domestic and international fair trade to name a few. Our shades have always come with free hanging cords with time-consuming individual tassels for the very sake of child safety. We further offer and encourage a spring operated roller system in our Contract line as well as Rollease clutch systems with the latest safety technology that meets or exceeds standards both national and international including ANSI.

2009 has been something else hasn’t it! For the last month or so I have been compelled to be very aware of how lucky many of us are. Though challenges arise, we persist to survive with appreciation for all that we have. I encourage you all to join us in 2010 to build on these successes of 2009 with a renewed consciousness for people and planet.

May Peace be with all.

Earthshade Natural Window Fashions


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