Composting Becomes the Law!

Last week I read some great news and some awful news.  First, the bad news: in order to cut costs, the City of Chicago is considering reducing recycling pick-ups to once a month or once every 3 weeks.

The good news is that, in another part of the country came a huge victory for composting in San Francisco.

Last week, San Francisco passed a bill mandating residents separate their organic food waste from their landfill-bound trash.  And, while Chicago may well be behind the curve in recycling waste, Illinois passed Senate Bill 99 – Food Waste Composting.  Effective January 1, 2010, it allows for large-scale composting in Illinois.  Businesses will be allowed to have 3rd parties remove food waste where it can be used in composting operations rather than contribute to our waste stream.

New York Times article on San Francisco:

Fact Sheet on IL Composting Bill:



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