Taste of Chicago 2009

I LOVE the Taste of Chicago!  I have so many awesome memories of going down to Grant Park every year with my mom, sister, and friends.

Mom would stock our fanny packs with wipes, load us up on sunscreen, and lace up our Keds before loading into the minivan and going to “The Taste.”  I always had to have a Rainbow Cone!  A few other favorites were elephant ears, tempura, and corn on the cob.  You know, just a few light dishes to nosh on.  While it’s been some time since going to The Taste, my parents have gotten me an ice cream cake from Rainbow Cone a few times.  That is NOT an easy feat to accomplish in the dead of winter and right after Christmas!

Now I have even more reasons to love The Taste.  The Family Village portion of The Taste will include exhibits and activities from the Alliance for the Great Lakes, Working Bikes, UIC Extension, Museum of Science and Industry, and others.

There are also a few food vendors that offer solely veggie options, which is nice for our veggie heads who are looking for an actual entree and not just side dishes.

This article in The Chicago Tribune reports that there will be recycling bins at The Taste this year.  Does that imply that there hasn’t been recycling in the past?  If that’s true, it’s scary.

Clearly there is a lot more that The Taste could do to go green.  But regardless, this festival will always have a special place in my heart–and in my stomach.


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