Green Garage Changes Local Landscape

My friend and colleague, Tom Bassett-Dilley, recently rolled out his green garage plans.  Tom is an Oak Park resident (and member of the Historic Preservation Commission) and architect whom I adore.  You can thank him for the delightful transaction counter at GHE, since he and his associate built it themselves.

Tom is a LEED AP architect who actually knows what he’s talking about.  I feel like so many architects are rebranding themselves green these days, but truthfully, they’re just chasing the dollars.  Green building is by no means new to Tom, and I enjoy sending customers his way whenever possible–the results are alway stunning.  But I digress…

Check out Tom’s Green Garage site to see his plans.  Materials use, water conservation, native plantings, and a connection to nature seem to be the focus of his plans.  I love the green garage concept.  It’s not only a structure, but also an extension of the back garden.  Plus, it’s a great answer to those nasty, vinyl-wrapped hunormous garages.  Thank you Tom!

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