5 Tips for Remodeling Green to Save Green

Yesterday we had the pleasure of participating in What’s Bloomin’ on Harrison, a street fair in the Arts District of Oak Park.  Green Home Experts was represented there, alongside our friend and architect Tom Bassett-Dilley.

Here are notes from our presentation “5 Tips for Remodeling Green to Save Green”

1) Material Reuse
Whenever possible, do not buy new.  This eliminates the production of new products and diverts more waste from going into landfills.

2) Energy Efficiency Upgrades
Consider an energy audit to identify the best way to maximize your dollars and lower energy costs.  Tighten your home’s envelope, weatherize, and purchase energy-efficient appliances.

3) Utilize Tax Incentives
As part of the stimulus package, the federal government is offering increased incentives for residential and commercial energy efficiency upgrades.  Check out our blog post about it here.

4) Remember Water Efficiency
Train your eyes to look for the EPA’s Water Sense logo in the same manner that we know to look for the Energy Star logo on appliances.  Cut water costs by purchasing water-efficient toilets, faucets, and showerheads.

5) Landscaping
Save money on fertilizer, water and gasoline with these tips:

  • Plant native.  Plants familiar with our climate need less watering and fertilizing.
  • Use shade trees for passive cooling of your home in the summer.
  • Use rain barrels to collect water and compost to make your own fertilizer.
  • Plant your own vegetable garden.
  • Use a push or electric mower–reduce your carbon footprint and save money on gasoline.

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    Glen said,

    It is also good to install HVAC systems in your homes to provide you with comfort and you would also benefit from it because it could really lower down the cost of your electric bills.

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