Be Heard TODAY!

My sincere gratitude to Faith in Place, who sent me an alert to contact my state legislators to support important environmental bills that are coming up for a vote.  It felt so good to know that my voice was being heard.  All of the people who answered my call took down my message.  Some asked for a zip code or a name, but you can opt to leave that information out if you feel inclined.

Be heard today!

Today nearly 150 environmental leaders from around Illinois (including nearly 20 Faith in Place members!) are in Springfield lobbying for the best chance we’ve had in a while to pass good environmental legislation. Together with other state environmental advocacy groups we are making our presence known and our voices heard! Keep us in your prayers today and support our efforts through action…

Help us make an impact by calling your state legislator today!

You can join us by lobbying in spirit if not in person. Your calls to your legislators will make our collective message louder and stronger. Call (217)782-0244, or visit to find your legislators and their individual phone numbers.

This year Faith in Place is advocating for three bills:

  • Cap and Auction (to cap carbon in Illinois and produce significant revenue for greening our economy) (House Bill 3668)
  • Clean Cars (making Illinois the 15th state in the country to increase its auto fuel efficiency) (Senate Bill 1941, House Bill 422)
  • Local Food, Farms, and Jobs (to source 20% of the State’s food locally by 2020) (House Bill 3990, Senate Bill 15).

Call and say that you are a member of the faith community and that you urge your legislators to vote YES! on the following:


  • HB 3668 (Cap and Auction)
  • HB 422 (Clean Cars)
  • HB 3990 (Local Food, Farms, and Jobs)


  • SB 1941 (Clean Cars)
  • SB 15 (Local Food, Farms, and Jobs)

When Springfield is flooded with phone calls, we know we’ll have you all to thank!

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    wonker said,

    Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

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