Is Your TV an Energy Suck?

LCD and plasma tv’s have become commonplace on the market, but there’s a dirty little secret about them.

According to the Electric Power Research Institute, LCD TVs consume 75% more, and plasma TVs three times more energy than cathode-ray tube sets.

But what does that mean?  LCD owners should expect to pay an extra $15-$20/year on their electric bills and plasma owners about $40/year.

Some municipalities are considering banning sales of these energy hogs (Brussells) or only allowing the sale of EnergyStar tvs.

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    Gilasi Jenna said,

    That’s crazy! I was under the impression that those sleeker models were more energy efficient. Of course, the most energy efficient TV is none at all… Garrett and I opted out of owning a TV more than a year ago, and it’s been great! More time to do stuff, and we can still watch stuff on our computer whenever we want. Hmmm. But now I’m wondering how much energy that flat-screen is sucking… Hmmm…

    Jenna Obluck
    Gilasi by InnerGlow Surfaces

    Gilasi: You don’t have to tear down a mountain to get it

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    LCD said,

    thanks, your article is very informative.

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