Think Green in 2009

I have two green resolutions for 2009:

1) Grow more veggies. I already get much of my fresh produce from the Farmers Market, and I would like to eat even more locally by eating out of my backyard. I’ll be planting beans, tomatoes, squash, and herbs. Any suggestions for other full-sun veggies?

2) Eliminate baggies. Being the Costco junkie that I am, I bought sandwich bags 3, that’s THREE, years ago! And I still have them! Every once in a while, I have to use one. I successfully banned paper towels from my domain in 2008, which was a big challenge considering I have 2 puppies (and 2 men) in my house. I think if I could bar paper towels, sandwich bags should be a zip–haha, no pun intended.

So, what’s your green resolution in 2009?  Please share your thoughts!


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  1. 1

    mark toveri said,

    1) Resolve to always have at least two destinations when I jump in my truck. Combining my errands and business trips together will reduce the number of miles I burn fossil fuels.
    2) Walk, stroll, or bicycle my way to do errands to reduce my truck trips.
    I feel better already.

  2. 2

    Play with decorative gourds,pumpkins,rhubarb, mixed greens, arugula, spinach, kale and edible flowers

    i switched from plastic baggies to wax paper bags, and the baggies I do use, I re-use and re-use, and re-use!! I only use paper towels for gross pet messes.

    I am on the fence about cloth toilet paper, with a teenager at home I don’t want her to think I’ve completely lost it. It’s so…off grid!

    Like Mark I compine most of my errands, reducing mileage another goal

    I am hoping my wrist allows me to get back on a bike again.

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