Thanks, Mom, for filling me in on what precycling means.  I yanked this from Wikipedia:

“Precycling is the practice of reducing waste by attempting to avoid bringing into the home or business items which will generate waste.

It includes such practices as buying consumables in bulk to reduce packaging, buying consumables in recyclable packaging over non-recyclable packages, avoiding junk mail, and using electronic media for reading materials, especially throwaway items such as magazines or newspapers.

As recycling requires large amounts of energy to “melt down” and then re-manufacture items, it also sends large amounts of pollution into the air. While it may cut down on the amount of trash that is going into landfills, it is not a sustainable answer to the problem of waste. The original three pronged push for trash management is “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” Precycling then, is an emphasis on “reducing and reusing”, while harnessing the momentum and popularity of the term “recycle.”

Those that participate in the precycling movement may carry with them a “precycling kit” when they are outside of their houses. Such a kit might include a re-usable lunchbox, a set of cutlery, a cloth napkin or handkerchief (instead of paper tissues) and a thermos or reusable water-bottle, etc.; all items might be carried in a cloth bag that can double as a shopping bag.

Precycling, then, includes any such attempts to reduce the production of waste.”

So, how are you precycling?


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    We bring reusable containers to restaurants to put leftovers in, to avoid unrecyclable styrofoam. Use washable clothes or sponges to reduce paper towel use. Keep a small cloth bag handy for purchases, in addition to larger bags for the grocery store.
    I buy things second hand when possible to avoid having new things made in China and shipped across half the earth. People tend to forget that “reduce, re-use, recycle” does mean in decreasing order or desirability. Love your store, will stop by soon.

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