How to Have a Green Picnic

Spring has sprung!  So it’s time to think about packing your first picnic of 2008.  Here are tips to help you make sure your picnic is friendly to the earth.  They are brought to us by Sheryl Eisenberg from the Natural Resources Defense Council:
•    Stick around: Choose a picnic site you can get to without a car — by walking, biking, hiking, or taking public transportation.

•    Eat locally, too: For your menu, choose fresh, local foods, ideally ones grown organically or with minimal processing.

•    Reuse it: Use washable and reusable utensils, tablecloths, napkins, thermoses, and food containers

•    Recycle it: Make it a waste-free event by recycling bottles, cans, and other materials.

•    Burn it clean: Instead of using lighter fluid, which contributes to air pollution, use a metal charcoal chimney (available at most hardware stores).

•    Be a savvy weather-watcher: Watch the clouds and learn about what they say about weather.

•    Stay on trails: Don’t disturb plants and animals by going off trails. Make sure kids play in designated areas.

•    Bug off, naturally: Use less-toxic insecticides, such as a citrus candle or incense, to keep bugs away.

•    Stop and look around: Take time to enjoy and explore the scenery. Bring field guides, binoculars, or a nature journal.

Write to us in the comments section if you have other ideas for a green picnic!

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