Tax Incentives for Going Green

Every year around this time, I’m filled with much wonder, regret and worry.  Did I save all my receipts?  Can I write off my cell phone?  Did I pay enough payroll taxes during the year?  And, of course, what will I do with my big fat tax return?!

While I’ll be the first one to say that our government doesn’t offer enough incentives to homeowners and businesses for going green (incentives would, after all, be contradictory to the huge energy subsidies they dole out), there are a few programs you might be eligible for: makes it pretty easy to navigate the different options that are out there.

Also, specifically pertaining to the state of Ilinois, this link: has information for energy efficiency-related tax incentives.  They expired at the end of 2007, but I believe you can still get the write-off on your 2007 tax return.

Lastly, DSIRE gives information specific to your state (this link goes right to the Illinois page).  It encompasses homeowners and businesses, and is related specifically to alternative energy as well as incentives for businesses to go green.

Happy reading!

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