Energy-Saving Checklist

Here’s a great checklist from the July 2006 issue of Real Simple magazine.  Use this checklist to keep track of the many ways you can seve energy–and money.  These numbers are esitamtes.  To calculate exact savings for your household based on your particular energy consumption, go to

Instead of this… try this… and save…
Setting your thermostate to 70 degrees in the  winter Set it to 65 degrees (especially comfortable at night) $80 to $100 a year
Setting your water heater to 130 degrees Set it to 120 degrees $15 a year
A 75-watt incandescent lightbulb An 18-watt CFL lightbulb (or a 13-watt lightbulb from GHE) 4 cents an hour, or about $88 a year if the bulb is lit for six hours a day (save more if you buy your lower-watt bulb from GHE!)
A traditional computer monitor An LCD monitor $20 a year
Washing clothes on a hot/warm cycle Switch to a warm/cold wash cycle 10 cents a load
Washing several times a week Wash and dry your clothes back-to-back in one stint $1 a session, or $52 a year
Using a top-loading clothes washer Use a front-loading washer As much as 40 cents a load
A pre-1993 refrigerator A new Energy Star-rated refrigerator $120 a year
Rinsing dishes before placing them in the dishwasher Load dishes into the dishwasher as they are 6,500 gallons of water, or $30 a year on average
Leaving gaps in your ductwork Seal your loose house “shell” $300 a year

There are so many more easy ways to save energy and money.  Please post your thoughts on our comments section!


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