Getting Rid of the Stink

Unfortunately, I’ve had several reasons lately to try green methods of getting rid of the stink.  Well, not one singular stink, but odors from my beloved (and rambunctious) puppy, the cigar shop next door (that’s closing this month!), a few mishaps with groceries in the car, and having the house locked up and sealed for the winter.  Yuck!

While all of this is pretty gross, it still doesn’t come close to how disgusting commercial odor removers and room deodorizers are.  They contain caustic chemicals that wreak havoc on our respiratory system!

Try some of these alternatives next time you find yourself in a stink:

  • Baking powder: Put out a small dish of baking powder, which will suck up the stink.
  • Open the windows: When weather permits, give yourself some fresh air and fight indoor air pollution.
  • Use all natural cleaners: Check out our products here.
  • Pour boiling water down smelly drains (also a good way to fight fruit flies).
  • Bake goodies (and bring me some!)
  • Bring the outdoors in by cutting some fresh flowers from your garden.
  • Slice an orange or lemon and leave it on your countertop.

Got other ideas?  Post them in the comments section!


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