Quick Home Fixes

Here in the Midwest, we’ve been enjoying a lot of time indoors lately.  As I write this, the radio newscasters are announcing that major highways in the area have been completely shut down, thanks to the snow and ice.

While you’re cooped up, spend some time performing indoor house maintenance.  By its very nature, maintenance is eco-friendly because you’re preventing untimely replacements and extensive repairs that waste resources.  These tips come courtesy of Natural Home & Garden Magazine (now sold at GHE!)

Conveniently enough, you can find several maintenance products mentioned below at Green Home Experts!

Check These Monthly
Refrigerator: Vaccum the vents; clean coils are more energy efficient.  Check the drain pan for excess water.

Furnace and Fans: Check and clean or replace the furnace filter; a dirty filter impedes the flow and quality of air.  Exhaust fans in the kitchen and bath tend to collect dirt.  (Hint: be sure to turn off the power before cleaning.)

Drains: Why resort to toxic drain chemicals?  Use Drainbo an eco-friendly drain cleaner instead!

Sinks and Tubs: Check kitchen and bath grout and caulking.  Discoloration could be hiding damage.  When the waterproof seal is broken, structural damage and harmful molds can find a home in the wall.  When you’re ready to replace the caulk, be sure to come into our store to stock up on AFM Safecoat’s Caulking Compound.

Check These Seasonally
Plumbing: Water creates costly damage.  While you’re inspecting plumbing fixtures, also check appliances that have water connections (dishwashers, ice-making refrigerators, etc).

Clothes Dryer: Collected lint in the house and exhaust area obstructs hot-air flow.  Besides creating a fire hazard, lint blocks the hot-air exit, which slows the drying process and wastes energy.

Doors, Drawers, Hinges: A few drops of oil can improve the longevity of hinges and drawer guides.  Vegetable oil works, but it can become rancid.  Try mineral oil instead; although ti’s a petroleum byproduct, it’s non-toxic, unlike WD-40.

Walls, Baseboards, Corners: Regularly touch-up trim paints to keep your home looking clean and bright, using up older paint you have on hand.  For all your paint needs, drop into our store to choose from over 1,000 colors!

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