Green Real Estate

With the real estate market being as depressed and depressing as it is, market differentiation has become more important than ever.  Green building elements are a tremendous way for sellers to stand out from the plethora of houses on the market.

By marketing green building features, sellers can grab the eye of the buyers, who have so many options and choices.  Energy efficiency, indoor air quality, sustainability, eco-friendliness, and–let’s face it–coolness, can be the determining factors when it comes to buying.

If you have a green home that you’re thinking about putting on the market, or if you’re interested in purchasing a green home, you might consider contacting an EcoBroker (  EcoBrokers are real estate professionals who are educated and certified on topics spanning health and environmental concerns such as radon, lead, mold, alternative energy systems, indoor air quality, and water efficiency.  EcoBroker International also tutors realtors on financing a green home (more about that in my blog soon).

I personally recommend my friend and colleague, Erica Cuneen.  She is a well-respected EcoBroker here in Oak Park, IL.  Here website is  Tell her I sent you!

By the bye, Erica’s husband, Gary Cuneen, is the Executive Director of a fantastic green non-profit organization called Seven Generations Ahead.  Click on the org’s name to go to their website.


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